William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

In much ado about nothing act 4 scene 1, is the most dramatically
significance scene of the play, I will analyse the many ways in order
to show how Shakespeare dramatically explores the society of his time.

The social traditions of Shakespeare time, where men were much higher
ranked than women as women were not allowed power and women were
discriminated against and were not allowed to have a say in their
lives. The men and fathers felt they had authority over their
daughters and women on a whole.

At the day of the wedding Claudio wants to humiliate hero because he
thinks she is a 'common stale' and is still very immature. Claudio
waits until the
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He talks to
his daughter as if she's guilty. He doesn't even know or want to know
her anymore as if he's just disowned her.

Leonato believes the men over his own flesh and blood as the men have
more witnesses of the scene 'Confirmed confirmed; would the prince lie
and Claudio lie, who lov'd her so that speaking of her foulness,
washed it with tears?' Hero has no one to defend her except Margeret,
but Margeret stays quiet and doesn't speak a word through this scene
as she doesn't want to be humiliated like Hero has been and also she
does not want to be know as a so called liar or be torn apart by all
the men.

Between the men they all have similarities and they believe anything
another man tells them because men are stronger then women and in
Hero's case just ignored. I think the men do not think properly before
they judge people, they're to ignorant. When Don John showed them what
Hero was supposedly like which they believed straight away. Hero has
no chance of defending herself as she is a woman and woman and accepts
her position as a Elizabethan woman. She also knows that no one will
believe her 'O God defend me how am I beset!' This shows us that she
is in an impossible situation and has no way out from this unless the
person who told Claudio and Don Pedro confess. Who is obviously a man
because men were respected and listed to.

At the end of the scene Beatrice is…