William Shakespeare's Othello As A Victim

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At first Othello was shown as a very peaceful person, he didn't say much, but when he did, it'd be short or sweet (even both). Although, this didn't last very long before Iago could get to him and start to say cruel things to Othello. Othello was the victim here, he didn't particularly do anything to harm Iago, but as the tragic story goes, Iago was the villain. The theme of this tragic play mostly revolves around jealousy, reputation, stereotypes, and trust. Basically, what other people thought, was very important here and Othello was a victim of all the above. Iago mentally/emotionally abused Othello, he made Othello trust him and not ask questions, he made Othello think twice and feel insecure about his race because he was different, he
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