William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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“Juliet, perhaps you are right. If you are that would make things a lot easier for us, possibly even help us. But regardless we know he has been in training for the Council,” she said with sympathy. I felt a weight fall on my shoulders. “He doesn’t know,.” I denied quietly. “There is a chance he doesn’t know,” Shay said trying to encourage me. “It would be unwise not to prepare for the other outcome though. We have to somehow figure out his other ability.” “Why don’t you do it the same way you discovered mine?” I asked. “We didn’t know at first since you didn’t tell anyone. Your mother saw you floating things in the air and told us .” “We could try to break into the surveillance again,” Dex suggested. “No,” Shay said, rubbing her…show more content…
I couldn’t imagine Evan purposely hurting anyone, but what if Carl or someone like him was there—people could die, and it would be my fault. It is me he is searching for . Shay continued filling us in. “The Council of course gives him all the support he needs. He’s forming an army to carry out what they want in hope of finding you,” she said looking at me. Dex looked at the square clock hanging on the wall in front of him. “I’m late for training,” he sighed. “Go, we’ll figure things out here,” Beau nodded to Dex. Chapter Twenty-Five Dex didn’t say a single word to me on the way to the training room. I knew it was because I still defended Evan. I had to. Evan could never do anything like what the Council has done. I had such conflicting feelings swirling around. I wouldn’t even admit it to myself but I knew all the feelings of love I had ever felt for Dex had come back in the past day. I also knew that I loved Evan, and I wouldn’t accept him to ever be a monster. I was also ashamed for even thinking about Dex in any way other than a friend—I was engaged to Evan. I AM engaged to Evan I said correcting my own thoughts. “You okay?” Dex asked,said shocking me back to life outside my head. “You look like you’re fighting with someone.” “Just myself,” I muttered. I realized we were outside the combat room door. “I want you to practice on one of the bags this time okay?” Dex said. “Yeah okay,” I agreed before he opened the door and we stepped inside. The room
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