William Shakespeare's Romeo, Why Are You Still Here?

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O Romeo, Romeo, Why Are You Still Here? Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet was written in 1594 and has had a lasting influence even four hundred years later. Throughout this time, Shakespeare's original performance has been recreated multiple times, and the idea of forbidden love has shaped many aspects on love and culture. This play has become a cliché and overdone for only being one of Shakespeare’s average plays. However Romeo and Juliet has inspired many Academy Award winning movies like West Side Story, Titanic, Twilight and High School Musical. While also encouraging Grammy collecting singers like Taylor Swift and The Beatles. Shakespeare wrote a play in the 16th century, not knowing it would become a cliché and inspire popular culture.…show more content…
Its impact has been so effective, that extremely well known romantic movies have been related to the tragedy in his play. Some storylines are nearly the exact same as his play, while others may be very different, yet with hidden similarities. Some popular movies that have been based off of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet are West Side Story, Titanic, Twilight, and High School Musical. In West Side Story Tony and Maria are from rival street gangs yet happen fall in love, having the same forbidden love that Romeo and Juliet had shared centuries ago. Titanic also mimics Romeo and Juliet but instead, it is about a poor young man and a rich beautiful girl who fall in love aboard the infamous ship; yet only one of them dies in the heartbreaking ending. Twilight is yet another modern take on Romeo and Juliet. This movie is about a vampire and a werewolf fighting for the forbidden love of a human. Another famous set of movies are the High School Musical series, based on the idea of unimaginable love between a jock and a nerd, creating a deeper rivalry between the two. While plenty of movies are based off of Romeo and Juliet many of them seem to have a happier or less harsh ending. These modern films are few of the many based off of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, even though it was never intended to be the ideal love…show more content…
The idea of Romeo and Juliet has been overdone by Hollywood, forcing it to permanently be implanted in movies, songs, and personal lives. Since Romeo and Juliet is always seen as a major romantic story, it has been remade many times, giving Shakespeare lots of popularity. Yet, overall it wasn’t as much of romance as a drama that ends in the shortsighted mistake of many deaths. Shakespeare’s play has had a lasting influence on popular culture and people’s idea of true love. Romeo and Juliet has firmly wedged its way into everyday society, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It is obvious that Shakespeare’s play has been recreated many times, building the plot for many movies, influencing the lyrics for multiple songs, encouraged the idea of romantic, forbidden love, and overall has become a
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