William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In this essay I will examine the role that Friar Lawrence plays in Romeo and Juliet. The play of Romeo and Juliet was written during 1594 – 1596 but was set 100 years earlier. It is a tragic love story which was based on a poem called, ‘The Tragicall Hystory of Romeus and Juliet’ (1562). Although there is a big time gap from when it was written and now, it doesn’t affect the way we see the story today. Things that happen in the story still happen today. We still fall in love and some people may have experienced the same feelings that were felt in the story. In the story Romeo is an 18 year old boy who falls madly in love with Juliet, a 13 year old girl.…show more content…
When Romeo confessed to him that he wanted to marry Juliet, Friar Lawrence was shocked and confused. He shows how he feels by saying, “Young men’s love then lies, Not truly in their hearts but in their eyes”. By saying this he is showing that he is confused, he was in love with Rosaline not so long ago. He also says, “Women may fall, when there’s no strength in men”. I think he says this to try and convince Romeo that people fall in and out of love all the time. He might be trying to say that it won’t be long until he falls in love with someone new, by trying to convince Romeo not to marry her, Romeo might then decide not to marry Juliet and Friar Lawrence would not lose any trust or respect from the two families or any other confessors. When he hears what Romeo has to say, he raises his voice and starts to talk fast as he is still shocked from Romeo’s news. He doesn’t stop to think about what he is saying. He does this to show Romeo that he may be making the wrong choice instead of just telling him. In the two different videos of Romeo and Juliet we watched, it gave two very different ways on we see Friar Lawrence in that particular scene. In the older video we see him in a field picking various plants and herbs and placing them into a small basket he carried with him. The scene was set on a
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