William Shakespeare's The Barnyard At Butterworth Farm

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WILLIAM and Crocco pulled the Gator in the barnyard at Butterworth Farm. Crocco unloaded a five-gallon bucket full of water from the Housatonic River from the back of the Gator. “Alright, go park that thing. There’s no need to burn anymore gas,” William said. Crocco parked the gator in a shed behind the barn and returned to the barnyard. “So, what’s the plan?” Crocco asked. “Where’s that mangy old dog I always see laying around here?” “You mean Flash?” Crocco asked. “Yeah. It’s time for old Flash to take one for the team,” William said. Crocco walked into the barn. A moment later, he returned with one of the farmhands. Walking slowly behind the farmhand was an old Springer Spaniel. “This is Jack,” Crocco said introducing William to the farmhand. “Flash is his dog.” “It’s nice to see you again,” Jack said, stepping forward and extending his hand. “Have we met before?” William asked, shaking Jack’s hand. “It’s been over a decade. I’m not surprised you don’t remember me. I was with you the day you purchased Sleeping Giant. You rode into that vagrant camp and kicked some ass,” Jack said. “Oh, yeah, I remember now.” “We still talk about that around here. You had balls of steel doing that. You must remember Flash, he rode out with us that day,” Jack said, reaching down and scratching Flash between the ears. “Oh, sure. Flash, huh, it looks like it’s been a long time since he lived up to his name.” “He definitely has a little grey on his snout, but don’t we all.

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