William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew Essay

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William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew In the beginning of “The Taming of the Shrew”, some say Shakespeare portrays Katherina as a very shrewish figure. Others may argue that she is not shrewish but just a very strong willed person. At the end of the play some people say she is transformed into a very kind and gentle person, while again others will argue that she is not “tamed” but just putting on an act to “show up” her younger sister Bianca, whom has always been more beautiful and charming. Kate is “like a wasp, like a foal, like foal that kicks from his halter; pert, quick and determined, but full of good heart.” 1. This statement made by one author, shows clearly that he does not see her as shrew-like, even at the…show more content…
Petruchio starts to tame her from the very first time they meet. He stays calm when she yells and does exactly the opposite of what she expects him to do. He continues his taming at the wedding by acting even worse than she does, and in a way, he paints a portrait of her for her to see. He believes that if she sees the way she acts by repeating her actions, that she will want to change, to be more pleasant. I think she acts the way she does in part because she doesn’t realize what she does and to people and doesn’t fully know why people call her the shrew. By repeating how she acts Petruchio not only tames her but he wins her love. Even on their wedding day Kate is still furious and does not want to marry Petruchio. She begins to declare that she will NOT marry him, but he cuts her off and gives her a kiss. Then he will not even let her stay for her own wedding dinner. I believe that this is all part of his plan to tame her. In the end of the play, some may say she is tamed, while others will say she has just plainly fallen in love. But any way you chose to look at it, she is definitely a changed person. When the other men call for their wives, they send back a reply stating that they are busy and just plain ignore their husband’s commands. On the other hand, when Petruchio beckons Kate all of the men expect her to yell and scream as she always did. But to their surprise obediently came immediately. She even
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