William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew

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William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew "The Taming of the Shrew" could either be seen as offensive or acceptable to women dependant upon the era of which they lived (16th century-the period of Shakespeare, or the 21st century). Act 4 Scene 1 is a main focal point to debate whether the play is seen as offensive to women. In Shakespeare's time, women were not treated humanely but more like objects. Men were seen as the superior sex of which had complete control over women and could marry who ever they wanted. The women had no say in who they married. Basically the two sexes were not treated equally. Also women could not go to school, but had to stay at home to cook and clean. Men could also bet on the behaviour of…show more content…
Throughout this speech Petruchio is revealing his plan , which he hopes will tame Katherina. This quote means Petruchio still isn't feeding Katherina and wont until she submits, therefore she will never look upon him. This could again think be very offensive as Petruchio is not treating Katherina as a human, but as a bird of prey (wild hawk). Other examples of how badly women were treated at that time can be seen in Act 2 Scene 1; "Then tell me, if I get your daughter's love, What dowry shall I have with her to wife?" Petruchio-Act 2 Scene 1, Line 118-9 "After my death, the one half of my lands, And in possession twenty thousand crowns." Baptista-Act 2 Scene 1, Line 120-1 Not only is Katherina being tamed but before hand she is being auctioned off by her father to the highest bidder. These quotes show Petruchio asking what he will receive if he wins the love of Baptista's daughter (Katherina), and Baptista replies half his land when he dies and twenty thousand crowns because of her temper. So overall Baptista is happy to get rid of Katherina and Petruchio is happy to get his wealth. This could be seen as offensive to women because they are also shown as objects fit for auction. Also Petruchio and Baptista are only thinking of whats in it for them and their benefits with no consideration to Katherina's thoughts at all. Baptista doesn't give his daughters any freedom as shown in Act 1
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