William Sonoma

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I think that Williams-Sonoma will probably close its doors and become obsolete, if they do not change their marketing views, and incorporate a better strategic approach. I just don’t think with the way the economy is today that many people will continue to buy those types of high end products that are offered by Williams-Sonoma at many of their retail stores. Buyers are focusing on more “bang for the buck” type products. Products are now bought for more of a necessary item, rather than, the highly fashionable products. I think management of Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma, should try to discuss lowering prices to go in line with today’s economic outlook. A happy medium to where they get somewhat of a profit and their consumers feel the …show more content…
Based on the success of the bridal site, Williams-Sonoma launched a site to support the entire concept, and has continued to introduce Web sites for its other retail concepts, such as Pottery Barn. Its total Internet sales grew over 500% in its first two years, and over one-third of online customers were new buyers. The company’s strategic decision to contract with Prophet has truly enabled them to be successful in terms of brand, marketing, innovation, and design has enabled them to continue being successful in today’s retail market.

If I were the CEO of William-Sonoma I would have to follow in line with the way today’s economy is. I feel strongly about lowering prices on items to reflect customers’ situations. I’d definitely research what my competitors were doing with their pricing. I’d keep it competitive enough to where I’d still be gaining a profit, but where pricing is somewhat equal to theirs. Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, etc. would be my best friend. I’d use the social websites for advertisement, which should broaden my consumer base. There are many avenues I would consider with technology. I would even have an app for my stores, which allows customers to shop more easily online. I’d possibly look into outlet malls to sell the products from previous years at a discounted price. I would lastly look at stores which doesn’t have a lot of consumers walking through the doors, and close them. With the internet and online shopping,
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