William Wordsworth

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Wordsworth’s Use of Literary Devices Related to Nature William Wordsworth’s frequent references to nature in his poetry shows that he paid close attention to the details of the physical environment around him. His poetry relates to nature by focusing primarily on the relationship between inner life with the outer world. William Wordsworth uses literary devices such as personification, similes, and the impressions nature makes on him to show the importance of the relationship that man should have with nature. Personification is used to make it easier for his readers to relate themselves to nature. The use of similes demonstrates the importance of experiencing nature as if it were oneself because it allows one to experience nature on a…show more content…
In this poem, he extends that idea to show peaceful reflections on nature enable one to enjoy the “bliss of solitude” and experience true happiness.
Another example of simile used by Wordsworth comes from “Tintern Abbey”:
I came among these hills; when like a roe
I bounded o’er the mountains, by the sides
Of the deep rivers, and the lonely streams,
Wherever nature led;

Their colours and their forms, were then to me
An appetite; a feeling and a love. (The Poems 359)

In this poem, Wordsworth uses a simile by indicate he is “like a roe”. He imagines himself wandering through the mountains experiencing nature on a different level—like a deer would—without a goal but rather, wandering wherever nature leads, This demonstrates how nature can have different effects through the use of imagination if we are willing to pause our actions from day to day and take time to contemplate on our surroundings. Deep contemplation clears the mind and allows one to imagine a journey through nature—not just through nature, but as a living part of nature. Through this experience nature became “An appetite; a feeling and a love” for him. His total immersion in nature leads to him becoming one with nature, thus showing the value of an intimate relationship between man and nature. Impression, the personal effect of some experience, real or imagined, is a third
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