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William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth was born April 7, 1770, at Cockermouth in Cumberland, England. His poetry, and especially his poems on solitude, must have been heavily influenced by the death of his mother and the splitting up of his family when he was only eight (Kilvert 1). At that time, fate sent him to live in Hawkshead, England, where his teacher started him writing poetry. Wordsworth got his higher education at Cambridge, his memories of which play a part in his later poetry (Noyes 201). Fate again stepped in when, as a young man, he received an inheritance, which gave him the freedom to study literature. One might guess that this is when he first became part of the Romantic movement, (Pinion, 21).

The poetry of
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Martha was in love with Stephen, who betrayed her by marrying another woman. Martha was pregnant by Stephen, and the rumor was that she had murdered her baby. The reader feels all her pain when she cries, "Oh misery! oh misery! Oh woe is me! oh misery!" These words express her heartbreak at losing Stephen; her anguish at finding herself pregnant; her shame at being an unwed mother; her guilt and regret for murdering her baby; her grief over the baby's death; and her knowledge that her life is ruined. The thorn is a powerful symbol of all this misery. Just as the thorns, Martha's appearance makes it seem as if she, too, could never have been young. She, too, is "A wretched thing forlorn." By contrast, what seems to be the infant's grave lies in a beautiful mound of color. Of coarse, the child is innocent and its beauty is forever filled with color; but Martha's only color is her "scarlet cloak" of shame.

The power of imagination is the theme of "Most Sweet It Is With Uplifted Eyes." The title, itself, is full of meaning-- when we walk with our eyes "uplifted," we are not looking at the real world around us, but are "dreaming" on the stars. While the real world may be beautiful, it may also be very ugly and painful. However, imagination gives us the power to block out what is bad and to create a special world. We can look inside
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