William Wordsworth 's Lyrical Ballads

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Imagine traveling down a gravel road in the countryside, set in England during the 19th Century. As you continue your journey, you stumble across a woodland child and inquire about general questions. Being inquisitive and intrigued by her fair beauty, queries regarding he family arise and soon you find her concept of death skewed. We are Seven, composed by William Wordsworth and published in Lyrical Ballads, is one of Wordsworth darker poems and unlike his characteristic Romantic style. Wordsworth lost his mother at the tender age of eight, coincidentally, the same age as the cottage girl. This poem stems from Wordsworth’s personal experiences from when he journeyed across Europe later in life and stumbled across a child near Goodrich Castle, whom is alleged to be the muse behind this poem. The poem depicts the struggle the speaker faces as he tries to verbalize the truth over the deceased cottage girl’s brother and sister. The characterizations regarding the speaker’s social class and age in regards to his audience, the little girl, contribute to the colliding ideology during this exchange. Wordsworth begins the scene of this poem with the master strolling down a road in the countryside. The silence and loneliness of the poem breaks when the man comes across a little girl frolicking alone. Before any words are exchanged, a description of the child is given, alluding to her social standing among society. Described as having “Her hair so thick with many a curl / That cluster
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