William Wordsworth 's The World Is Too Much With Us

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The Distinct Approaches to the Theme of Nature The poems “The World is too much with us” by William Wordsworth and “A Happening” by Denise Levertov address the conflict between nature and society. Wordsworth’s poem addresses how society is becoming less because of unlimited desires. Levertov reflects Wordsworth’s values, but using unique images to present this idea. Although these poems approach the same theme, literary language and literary devices make them distinct. Literary devices can strengthen the message in a poem. For example, William Wordsworth uses the literary devices such as simile and personification to emphasize his argument. The line “The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon” displays the relationship with the moon and the tides of the sea (Wordsworth). The personification in this line gives the sea human attributes, so the readers can comprehend how essential nature is to the author. He also uses personification to describe the howling of the winds and how they are now “up gathered like sleeping flowers” (Wordsworth). The simile “like sleeping flowers” allows the reader to analyze the meaning of this comparison (Wordsworth). The word flower has a positive connotation conveying beauty. The word sleep has a marginally negative connotation reflecting inactivity or even death. From this analysis, this simile presents the idea that the beauty of nature is inactive or no longer with us. This inquiry demonstrates the capabilities of literary devices and how
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