William the Holy Conqueror

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Even though William the Conqueror descended from a line of Vikings who had lived in France for over 200 years, William had more of an impact on the English language than the majority of influential English born people of the time. The “French-speaking Normans brought a whole new vocabulary to England, whose language was closely related to German.”(Barlow 8). He even introduced the Norman legacy of building castles, including the Tower of London. Although he is most well known for the Norman invasion of 1066 that overthrew the Anglo Saxon reign which had lasted for over six centuries, William was a very religious man. He was moral and righteous by the standards of the time, and devoted much of his time to the Norman church. William was born in 1028 and was the only son of Duke Robert I of Normandy who later died on a voyage to Jerusalem. After his father’s death in 1035, he was knighted at the age of fifteen and the Norman magnates accepted William as duke even though he was an illegitimate child; he was actually known as William the Bastard. This caused William serious problems later in life and he had to overcome several massive obstacles one of which was surviving numerous rebellions; which his mother somehow got him through. William relied heavily on King Henry I of France for protection. He faced substantial difficulty maintaining control over Normandy but by his early twenties he emerged a powerful leader. William then gathered an army to protect his estate. He
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