Willian Golding's Lord of the Flies

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The story takes place in World War 2, and in the middle of a wartime evacuation of English schoolchildren, the plane crashes on an island of the Pacific ocean. The pilot dies, leaving the only survivors to be middle childhood or preadolescent boys. Two of the survivors, Ralph and Piggy, find a conch which Ralph uses to call the other survivors together. The group elects Ralph as chief, and they work together to survive. However, the group begins to fear a “beast” on the island and Jack, the leader of hunters in the group creates a power struggle with Ralph, the chief using the fear of the beast to gain influence over the rest of the boys. Later on, Jack creates his own tribe and leaves a severed pig’s head on a stick as an offering to the beast. One of the boys named Simon, walks alone and finds the severed pig’s head. He then envisions it has the “Lord of the Flies”, who tells him that the beast is actually inside themselves. Learning this, Simon runs to tell the boys the truth about the beast, at the same time Jack and his tribe are doing the dance. Simon then finds the tribe, but is ironically killed by the boys when they mistake him for the beast. Afterwards, Jack’s tribe attack what remains of Ralph’s group and takes Piggy’s glasses, the only means of lighting a fire on the island. Deserted by most of the group, Ralph, Piggy, twins Sam and Eric, goes to the tribe and…
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