Willie Lynch

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David Nelson Ms. Rosado July 23, 2012 Summer Bridge Program Who is Willie Lynch? Willie Lynch is a British slave owner in the West Indies, who came to United States to advise American slave owners how to keep their slaves restrained. Lynching or the Lynch Law is actually attributed to him. Lynching initially referred to the hanging of the black man. In his letter he stated more than several characteristics to differing black slaves. The four characteristics that I have chosen is age, sex, hair texture and color or shade of the skin. The first characteristic I have chosen is age. When Willie Lynch states age as one of his characteristics to differing African American slaves he puts the young male or female…show more content…
What they tended to do back in the slave era is if you had hair that looked like it was an African Americans hair or a white Americans hair, they would take a pen or pencil and stick it through the hair if the pen or pencil fell out without the slave barely moving your hair is what they would called fine hair. People with fine hair were considered part white American you can say. If the pen or pencil didn’t fall out you had, which most black people have now, is coarse hair which is rough. The last characteristic I have chosen is Color or shade of the slave’s skin. When Willie Lynch talked about using the dark skinned slave against the light skinned slaves, he really didn’t realize that would be one of the biggest issues in the black community today. In the slavery era, being light skinned made you a better person with more rights because it was assumed that you either had white in you or more commonly that you worked only indoors. In those days it was an accomplishment to be an African American that worked indoors, because you didn’t have to be involved in the active outdoor labor, like picking cotton. Even today people with lighter skin are thought to be the more attractive and well kept, causing jealousy and tension from darker African Americans. In conclusion, though the letter is very impacting there are people who believe that the Willie Lynch letter was fictional. Many people say there is a large body of written material from the slavery
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