Willow's Life-Personal Narrative

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Willow’s life was laid out in front of her. At sixteen years old she knew that in the near future she’ll be accepted into a prestigious university (her parents are hoping for Harvard) then get a well-paying job, marry into a rich family, and move to Europe (or at least Las Angeles.) For now though she’ll sit poised at the front of the high school math room and have them swarm to her like bees to honey, as it should be. You’re their leader. A couple of years ago, Willows life was intact and stable, she was content, confident even that she would be successful and looked up to in the world, and she was right. Until He took over her life. Make them listen. In walks Morgan, much too early for her usual time…Which is never. She’s…show more content…
Willow’s cut off however, by a nagging voice abbot ten feet behind her. “OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING?” It’s Avi. Of course it’s Avi. What other mindless person would follow a hot bright light into the woods at midnight. Just Avi. Willow stopped the speech. Willow stopped the speech and now she can’t think of anything worse than that. She’ll have to start it over. In a split second, Willow decides on one thing that may have been the most important decision in her life; she would not sacrifice Morgan to Him. Willow decided to sacrifice Avi. In what seemed like maybe five seconds, Avi was swept away in in a swoop of dust and wind. He’s gone now, nobody knows what happens afterwards. Breathlessly, Willow turns to Morgan who’s staring blank faced into the space which He and Avi occupied only moments ago, the moonlight illuminating her features making her into a goddess. Although that’s all she’s ever been in Willow’s opinion. Morgan’s head turns slowly, just like the first conversation they had, and looks at Willow. No question no violence, just the two of them. And then Morgan’s gone, dashing into the distance sure to get as far away from Willow as possible.
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