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Research on Willpower In 1996 Roy Baumeister at Case Western Reserve University, headed up a team of scientists to investigate people's ability to utilize willpower. They put together two groups of people and put them in separate rooms. On the table in the rooms were two bowls, one was of fresh, gooey chocolate chips cookies and the other contained radishes. The first group was told that they could eat as many of the cookies that they wanted but that they were to avoid the radishes at all costs. The second group was told the opposite. After a while the scientists came back in and asked the participants to wait, they needed to calculate their results. Each group was given an "easy" puzzle to solve while they waited. The puzzle actually had…show more content…
The simple answer is that you are going to have to find something other than willpower to help you achieve those goals. Replacing Willpower With Habit When you have long term goals in mind that you want to achieve, you are going to have to set willpower aside and initiate a habit. The creation of a habit will take you 21 days of consistent action. Let's say that you want to be a success with your online business. You will need to create a success habit. Get into this new routine as early in the day as you can so that you have your willpower tank full. Set up a schedule that will allow you to spend time working on your mindset (at least 30 minutes), spend time reading books about your business (at least 30 minutes), and do those activities that produce income for your business. After 21 days you will no longer need to use any of your willpower, because you are now substituting a positive habit. Substituting habits for willpower will help you no matter what one you are trying to instill, substituting water for a soda, taking a walk instead of having a cigarette, etc. Then you can use your limited supply of willpower for some other
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