Willy Russell 's Educating Rita

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Willy Russell 's Educating Rita 'Educating Rita ', a sensational, dramatic, however, consistent with its passing on of a ladies ' regular quandary composed by Willy Russell - passing on his illustration of life in a manner that which the audience can appreciate from. A woman in her late twenties, Rita, is shown to be struggling with the basic things a regular woman counter every day and the major phases of life as she becomes 'educated ' and sets herself ‘free’. The main theme of this play is CHANGE. “The door swings open revealing Rita” as thing young women coming in swearing, shining all attention towards herself, which is where Russell want to focus in giving Rita, this symbolic entrance. She comes in as this exuberant, eloquent yet not so quite eloquent and this ‘breath of fresh air’ in Frank’s life. Here we have Franks dead life wasted in “a bottle of whiskey” which is then enlightened by Rita’s refreshing energy. Rita here, without quite any acknowledgment of her surrounding comes in as a Bedouin seeking for her passport to ‘freedom’ – education, In an Open University even though she undermines the university by referring the other universities as where “proper students” go and the degree described as “Degrees for Dishwashers”. She is portrayed as a pessimist towards her life, like Franks ‘empty mug’- that nothing good will fill up her existence. She sees this degree as a ticket to a way out of mediocre and into a new social class; in to the world of respect,…
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