Willy Wonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Comparison

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Ryan Cirillo November 11, 2012 English 102 T Th 8am Comparing Two Movies Peter Ostrum and Freddie Highmore were both given the opportunity of a millennial. Well, maybe not them personally but there character, Charlie Bucket, in the 1971 and 2005 film interpretations of Ronald Dahl' 1964 children book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Both would be given the chance to be the benefactor of an empire that is responsible for the production of Fizzy Lifting Drinks and lick-able wallpaper and countless other over-the-top confections. After a guided tour of his confection factory, Willy Wonka would be the man to be so smitten with them that he would do so . They were selected from a group of five children that were lucky enough to win a…show more content…
As the scene incinerates, Mr. Wonka is left with a smile on his face. The music begins to play slower and in a deeper tone as if the record was meeting some resistance and transferring its contours onto the awaiting needle at a slower speed. As the new guests, and once blissful contest winners, watch in terror, Mr. Wonka acts as if ignorant to the whole situation. This leaves the movie-goer ready for the walls of Wonkas fantasy factory to hold many more sinister and unexplainable things. Both films do an excellent job presenting the world that Ronald Dahl created on paper in 1964. All though the 1971 version of the film does not offer the CGI and visual stimulation that the Tim Burton version does it still does an amazing job at telling its story. Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka, in the 1971 version of the film plays Mr. Wonka as if he is a disturbed man. A man that has lived in recluse for many years and feels strange just by having these aliens on the grounds of his property. Jonnie Depp, Willy Wonka in the 2005 version plays a very much more upbeat character. All though the narrator paints Depp' character as a soul tortured by his father and peers, Willy remains a more spirited character in the newer film. At some points watching Gene Wilder, I found myself fearing his Wonka character. I am not a film critic but not mentioning how much more Gene' character was would not be fair. These films both paint Mr. Wonka's world as a beautiful fantasy filled

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