Wilson Brother Limited Case

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The Wilson Brothers Limited Case You have recently been hired as the HR manager responsible for two separate Ontario locations belonging to Wilson Brothers Limited. You have been asked by the HR Director at the head office in Brandon, Manitoba, to quickly provide a report on any initial HR issues related to Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Benefits, Health and Safety, Training and Development and Labour and Employee Relations that are affecting or will affect the Cambridge operation and the new plant in Scarborough. The HR Director has made it very clear that Wilson Brothers would like both the Cambridge location and the new plant in Scarborough to remain union-free and are willing to offer very competitive wages and benefits…show more content…
The plant has the ovens, the vats, the prep areas, and the packaging conveyor belts that will be needed to produce the goods to fulfill the new contracts. This plant will have five times the baking production capacity as the current Cambridge plant. A small fleet of trucks, most with refrigeration units, was also included in the package deal so the new plant will not be contracting with a trucking company to get their goods to customers. Recent increases in orders for bottled juices will result in increasing the output of the bottling operation at the Cambridge plant and it will take over the space previously used by the bakery operation. Discussion with Retiring HR Manager On your first day on the job at the Cambridge location, you have a discussion with the retiring HR Manager who will be leaving in two weeks. He appears to be somewhat out of the loop – possibly by choice - and is not able to provide much information. He seems to be more intent on telling you about his fishing boat that is currently moored in Key Largo in Florida. However, you obtain a couple of details from him. 1. His wife is the company accountant and she is also retiring on the same day as him and while an offer was made to the daughter of a neighbour, that individual has declined the offer in favour of an
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