Wilson/Frost Differences Between Realism and Imagination

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When I was a child, I often passed the time by playing imaginary games in which I was sometimes a superhero, sometimes a pirate, sometimes a teacher. I played these games all the way through elementary school, and when I was ten, I invited a friend over to my house, in the hopes that she would want to play my silly games with me. But when I mentioned it to her, she told me that imaginary games were “dumb”. If it is not real, what is the point of pretending? I was completely taken aback by what she said; obviously I preferred to live in the imaginary world, and she in the real world. This situation was a classic example of the struggle between realistic points of view and illusionist points of view. Correspondingly, the husband and wives in…show more content…
This shows her view that people pretend to feel sorry for the dead, but people ultimately turn back to the living and recognize the dead as truly gone forever. Amy finds this disconcerting and sickening, and so she vows that she “won’t have grief” (106), because if she does not grieve for her child, then the child must not be dead. She therefore resides in an imaginary world in which her child has not passed away and so her husband has not been digging a grave for a dead baby. These differences in viewpoints ultimately lead to strife within the marriages. In Fences, Rose eventually grows tired of Troy’s excessive imaginary tales. She always has to counter her husband’s stories, constantly saying, “Troy lying” (Wilson 153). Due to their opposing outlooks, the two often argue over things, such as whether or not Troy ought to put his brother, Gabriel, in a home. Rose thinks that “something ought to be done to help him”, yet Troy believes that “don’t nobody wanna be locked up” (Wilson 159). In this way, Rose is the realistic one, recognizing that Gabriel has brain damage and is not mentally fit to be living on his own, yet Troy refuses to accept that his brother is incapable of taking care of himself. Another instance in which Troy’s imaginary view of the world caused discord within their marriage was when he was
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