Wilson Student Leadership

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A.) Briefly explain why you want to be a Student Leader, what you can gain and contribute to the program.

In high school I was always the student going “above and beyond” everyone else. In many situations I would take the initiative to “super head” projects and make sure the task given was being done the correct way. At the high school I attended there were not many students like myself. Other students were focused on being in the “in crowd”, this left me feeling alone and not having anyone to relate to. When I stepped foot on Hampton University’s campus and saw the Student Leaders during New Student Orientation Week, I immediately knew that I wanted to be apart of the organization. Within the students I saw qualities that I also embodied, I also saw a group of hardworking students who are ready to succeed and take on the world. If I was accepted into The Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Training Program (SLP), I would automatically grow as a person. I have already grown during SLP week, by learning that it is okay to come out of out of my comfort zone. Being apart of the Student Leadership Program would help me strengthen the leadership skills that I already
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I would be an ambassador by making sure my character reflects the ten principles that are implemented into the program. I would also be mindful of my actions, knowing that everything will reflect back to the University and the program. One way that I would serve as an ambassador is by sharing with others the wonderful things that Hampton University has to offer, I would encourage others to seek interest into Hampton by sharing how coming to the University has changed my life and developed me as a
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