Wilson 's Bakery : A Friendly Cafe Business

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Introduction Wilson’s Bakery is a friendly café business that serves great products located in Alaska. Since the climate area is usually cold, some of the products will consist of hot herbal tea, variety pastries, soups, etc. The objective of this company is to build a strong market niche in the suburban development because there is minimum experience within the market area. Presently, the area has some restaurants and a few bakery cafés. Wilson’s Bakery will serve all its customers lower, middle, and upper income by providing its products within reasonable prices and rendering services that will put a smile on the face of its customers. Environmental Analysis Political Wilson’s Bakery prides itself on its fair trade products. The baker…show more content…
Sixty-for percent of the population is Alaska Native or part Native, so Wilson’s Bakery will focus on providing its customers with tasteless, yet vigorous tea year round. Sociocultural Although the social cultural will change during the years, Wilson’s Bakery has keep track of the different trending societies whom we do business. We must do so because this allows us to stay ahead of our competitors and market the products that we sell. In addition, the company’s interactions with the market and its customers can affect internal decision-making process. Technological Wilson’s Bakery has a very limited impact on this café; however, as technology expands and progress through the years, the environmental aspect of this area are improved by our business website and other towns or cities world wide through online shopping. Legal The bakery has met all the required inspections to gain its licenses and permits to operate this café. Wilson’s Bakery Café intends to hire other employees to help with the daily operations and customer service. Primary and Secondary Target Markets The central target market for Wilson’s Bakery is the local residents; however, friendly customer service at an affordable price and high quality products is the ultimate key in maintaining the local market share of this target market. Although the primary target market would be the Barrow residents, the secondary target market would consist of the surrounding
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