Wilson 's Disease : Disease

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Wilson’s Disease Hepatolenticular Degeneration disease, also known as Wilson’s disease is classified as a rare autosomal recessive disease. The disease affects about 20,000 citizens in the United States between the ages of 3 and 26. Wilson’s disease is often confused with other diseases such as Liver disease. Often people with Wilson’s disease are diagnosed with Liver disease first before showing other signs causing doctors to continue testing and alter treatments. Wilson’s disease is named for a British physician named Samuel Alexander Wilson, who as a neurologist found pathological changes in the brain that actually stemmed from problems with the liver. Later, neuropathologist John Cummings looked into the causes of the disease as well. What he found was that the cause was linked to copper, or more precisely too much copper building up in the body.
Wilson’s disease has many different signs and symptoms. People usually experience abdominal pain, not associated with the stomach, which initially raises the question/ of what is wrong with them? Patients also experience yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes, a condition known as Jaundice. They can experience swelling of the legs, arms, and abdomen, which may lead to fatigue. It is the swelling that raises the concern of the physician working on the case, which typically prompts them to conduct a series of tests
Patients may experience other alarming symptoms, which include difficulty forming speech, swallowing,…

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