Wimpy Kid Narrative

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Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul. Jeff Kinney.

It’s family vacation time again for the Heffley’s. This time it’s a family road trip that was decided by Greg’s mom. They originally were going to go to Disney World, but Mannie cried that he didn’t want to go. So, road trip it was, to see their aunt at the nursing home, go to the beach, and whatever else came along the way. Family road trips are suppose to be fun and all about spending time with the family, unless you are the Heffley’s of course. The thing that grosses Greg out the most every time they go on a trip, they have to bring Mannie’s potty with them in the car. Greg feels really uncomfortable when Mannie uses it while they are driving.

Greg’s dad bought a boat a couple years
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Greg begged his mom to let them go there. So they all took a vote, Greg’s mom didn’t want to go, but she was outvoted by four to one. So they walked into Soak Central and got a locker to put all the stuff they didn’t want to get wet in the locker. They changed into their bathing suits and met outside the restrooms. It was super crowded, and there was no way they were going to find five lounge chairs all together. They eventually found ONE chair with a few broken straps, and they dumped there towles and the rest of there stuff on it. Greg’s mom and dad stayed with Manny and they let Greg and Rodrick go on there own, but they had to stick together. They went to the giant wave pool first, but there were a BILLION people in it. Rodrick suggested that they should play hide-and-seek, but with all the people and the rafts in the pool, Greg knew it would be impossible for the seeker to find the hider. Greg wanted to make it fair so the hider couldn’t go underwater, but Greg knew Rodrick would cheat. Rodrick got a paper from the snack bar and decided to use this and the hider can’t get the paper wet. Greg was the hider first, but what he didn’t know is that Rodrick had written something on the back of the piece of paper. Rodrick wrote “i’m not waring a bathing suit.” The missed spelled word made it even worse. When they were going back to the locker Greg told his parents he couldn’t find the key so they had to ask the guy at the front desk and when they told him the locker number “929” he unlocked it and nothing was in the
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