Win-Lose Outcome in a Negotiation

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Win – Lose Outcome in Negotiations

From my readings on negotiations, I’ve realized that, one way or another, we are always negotiating, because everything we need and want in life belongs to someone else. Therefore in order to get what we want, we have to negotiate to get it. After our negotiations, we may have a win – win outcome, where everyone is happy, or we may end up in a win - lose outcome, where one side is perceived as having done significantly better at the expense of the other side.

For this assignment I am writing my personal experience which end up with a win – lose outcome (on this case, the other guy was the winner, and I was the loser). This happened to me about one month ago, when I decided to sell one of my two
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On this case, I informed the guy that I was traveling to Peru on vacation and that I needed this money for my trip. He knew about my urgency to sell the car. Information is very important in a negotiation. The more information the other side knows about you, the more they can use it for their advantage.

• Second, I learned that it is not a good idea to sell something when under pressure. I was running out of time because my trip to Peru was coming up in a couple days and I needed the money for my travel expenses. My trip was in a couple of days and I thought that perhaps this was my only chance to sell the car and get the money. • Third, I should’ve respected my plan and stick to my bottom line.

The more I think about this particular negotiating experience, the more I believe that I could’ve done better. But like I said, we are always negotiating one way or another and I guess sometimes we have to win, and others we have to lose. But I hope that by the end of this course, I will be better prepared to do better in any future

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