Win32 Api and Posix Api Comparison

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Javier, Jomel T. IT222, 1-2 WS... SLU Baguio City Philippines BSIT-2 Comparison between WIN32 API and POSIX API Win32 API is Microsoft’s core set of application programming interfaces available in the Microsoft Windows operating systems while POSIX API, an acronym for “Portable Operating System Interface (for Unix)” is a core set of application programming interfaces, shell, and utilities interfaces for software compatible with variants on the Unix operating system. Each of which has its own style of implementation. Win32 and POSIX API have processes that needed several resources to execute, and if resources are available, they can be granted and control can be returned to the user process. Otherwise, the process…show more content…
However, win32 API provides more support for thread pooling and parallelism. Some prefer Win32 has the advantage, some prefer POSIX, it all depends on the usage/application. In application program development, one example of usage in POSIX API is effectiveness in real-time systems. POSIX 1003.1b. has suitable features like timers, priority scheduling, real-time signals, semaphores, memory queues, shared memory and memory locking. POSIX in commercial operating systems include Solaris, LynxOS, VxWorks, IRIX and Linux. In win32 API, an application program development example is the application to Web, Multimedia and Program Interaction, and user interface, in which are considered a part of win32 and are very useful in the modern

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