Wind Energy And Nonrenewable Energy

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Wind is a natural, replenishable source of energy. With the invention of wind turbines, it has made it possible to convert wind into the energy people can use in homes and businesses. Earth's climate is rising continually, and if humans don't begin to change the use of nonrenewable sources to renewable, the planet will have devastating consequences. Today's consequences range from climate change, polar caps melting, and oceans rising. Recent achievements in wind energy are making it a popular renewable source worldwide; however, the United States Congress needs to establish a bill that guarantees long term support through tax credits to encourage the growth of wind energy.
The problem with fossil fuels is that every day these fuels are ruining the Earth's atmosphere which is the air plants, wildlife, and humans share in order to live. Damaging the air that species need is hurting all aspects of life. Wind energy is increasingly available throughout the world in order to slowly dwindle reliance on nonrenewable resources. Countries like Saudi Arabia rely greatly on fossil fuels, but recently have made a step closer to the first wind power project (Shukla).
Nonrenewable energy emits harmful greenhouse gases that come from fossil fuels. Over time these gases ruin the Earth's atmosphere by altering the climate change. Fossil fuels are deep within the earth having been formed billions of years ago from ancient organisms and over time from the pressure of the earth formed into
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