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Wind Energy is a viable industry that has become a valuable energy source. The energy generated from wind is clean and efficient. The wind energy industry helps to ensure that electric demands are met, wildlife impact is minimal, the environment is not devastated, as well as creates new jobs during the construction of wind farms, daily operations, manufacturing components, and exporting components to foreign countries.
Development and Costs
In 1986, the National Renewable Energy Laboratories developed a wind resource assessment for the U.S. Department of Energy. The assessment consisted of surface wind data and upper-air data. The results of this project help today’s developers determine the best location for a wind farm, as shown in
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The amount will decrease over time.” The cost of 25 cents a month isn’t much and the transmission line can be used by other renewable sources of energy, such as solar.
Another necessity to building a wind farm is large areas of land. Wind turbines need a circumference around the turbine of 150 feet to 250 feet. Access roads are needed to each turbine for routine maintenance as well as a building for the site personnel. The amount of land needed can range from 3,000 to 35,000 acres with related equipment, roads and a buffer zone. In Colorado, reported by North American Wind Power, NextEra Energy Resources is developing a wind site that will include 125 turbines on 35,000 acres of land and 40 miles of transmission line that will connect to the electrical grid. The majority of the land is leased or right of way is purchased.
The type of turbine purchased depends on the wind speeds, the electricity the grid can absorb and the cost of the turbine. According to the United States International Trade Commission in 2008 there were 13 turbine manufacturers with two United States manufacturers generating 50% of the market. The chart below shows the dimensions of a turbine for three of the top manufactures.

Model Name PlateCapacity Blade †Hub ht† Total ht Area swept Rpm

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