Wind Energy Essays

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Wind Energy

“Take care, your worship; those things over there are not giants but windmills.”
-Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes

I. Abstract: Wind energy has many pros and cons, and thus is subject to much scrutiny as a viable energy source. A fundamental qualification for wind power is the ability to support the vast industries and the enterprises of the 6.3 billion people that inhabit this planet. In addition, wind power must be able to meet the needs of the Earth’s population in a renewable, reliable, and responsible manner. In the following paper, wind energy will be evaluated based on its energy/cost efficiency, possible environmental ramifications, its practicality and the various countries already implementing
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IV. Discussion and Conclusions:
Wind Power can be defined succinctly as the kinetic energy present in motion that can be converted to mechanical energy. The basic turbine uses mechanical blades that rotate due to the force of the wind to drive a generator that in turn sends electricity through a transformer into the power lines that supply energy to homes and businesses. The following diagram details the above-mentioned process1
Energy/Cost Efficiency
Modern technological developments have helped transform wind energy into a more accessible and practical power source. According to the website, the following criteria can be used to evaluate the efficiency of wind energy2:
Although wind power is completely free and will never be depleted, a concern shared by many is the sheer impossibility of sustaining the wind. Because of this inconsistency and the ever-changing speeds of wind, power is producing at varying levels. Also, wind turbines have a certain “envelope” in which they operate. According to the author of the website mentioned above, this range is from 10 to 33 miles per hour. A
2 typical turbine will not generate electricity until 10 mph, and will shut down in anything

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