Wind Energy Has Experienced A Positive Growth Globally

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Wind energy has experienced a positive growth globally as an alternative source of energy (Thresher & Robinson, 2008). Also, it has been used for supplying the deficiency energy needed after the other forms of energy. Globally through innovation and invention, the wind energy has been used as a safe energy. It’s forecasted that the wind energy in the future will supply a significant amount of energy that is required globally. Through technological advancements, this growth of the wind energy is forecasted to continue. Wind energy is harnessed through the use of wind turbines that are used for the production of the energy. The presence of areas in the world that experience strong winds, the wind energy can be harnessed easily through the…show more content…
This will be of paramount important as it will help in improving the living standards of the population and future generations. As compared to the other parts of the world, Africa is found to have a shortage of energy as compared to the other countries in the world. Many countries in Africa lack the adequate resources necessary for harnessing the wind energy. Support from the first world countries, the World Bank, and the non-governmental organizations help to start the projects in assistance to the African countries (Monforti, 2011). Historically, wind energy was not used widely. The few individuals who invested in wind energy used it for a pump of water and posho-mills. This shows how the world has evolved with increasing requirement of energy. The initial production of energy that includes production using water, coal among other sources, the energy is not sufficient with new developments and inventions to the use of wind energy. When compared to hydro-electric energy, wind energy is not seasonal. In the arid and semi-arid areas, wind energy can be produced in large scale because of the lack of water that can be used for the production of hydro-electric energy. Hydro-electric energy may not be available at all times due to the change in climatic conditions. In both wet and dry periods, wind energy is always available as for the production requires high-velocity winds.
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