Wind Energy : One Approach From The Energy Crisis

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Wind Energy: One Approach to the Energy Crisis Introduction The renewable energy from wind energy has become a popular method of producing energy. When the world realized fossil fuel emission are harmful to our atmosphere, many countries started to look toward renewable energy sources. In recent years the U.S. has given tax incentives and tax breaks for using a renewable energy sources. The U.S. has become the leaders in using wind energy for a renewable resources. Even though wind power energy is growing in popularity among government officials and the general public, however wind energy has some problems and challenges in providing energy to the world, both in the short and the long term. Wind energy used alone is not the approach…show more content…
Another cause is the effects of fossil fuels on the atmosphere and the release of the greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels such as coal produce carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned and is toxic to the environment. Wind energy on the other hand, uses a wind turbine that is moved by wind. The wind turbine does not release emission into the environment. These two reasons are the main reasons for the shift toward the future of using renewable resources. In 2009 President Obama, to provoke the move toward renewable energy, provided tax incentives and economic stimulus packages to help improve on the nation 's energy crisis. The President’s goal was to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and reduce the effects on the environment from fossil fuels. The effects of this change can be seen between the 2000-2006 where the use of wind energy grew and has currently tripled in use compared to non renewable resources(1). Also since the stimulus package the U.S. are the leaders in renewable resources with wind energy being the top resource used( ). Before the stimulus package, America was number one in using fossil fuels( ). Advantages Wind energy turbines were modernized in the 1800’s and used by farmers and ranchers (Third Planet Windpower, 2016). Current use and placement of wind turbines allow farmers and ranchers to lease out their land for the wind farms (2). On top of the farmers getting these incentives, the production of wind turbine farms has created
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