Wind Energy for America Essay

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Imagine getting free electricity, or electrical company’s paying you instead of you paying them, today’s windmills just might make this possible. Windmills dating back as far as the 1400’s have been used to turn wind into useable energy for grinding and pumping. Today’s windmills turn turbines to make electricity. They are popping up all over the United States, but the United States is way behind other countries in the development of wind energy. Countries like Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom are investing billions of dollars into wind energy, including off shore wind farms. Germany is holding the top spot in the production of wind-generated electricity. Denmark, being one of the smaller countries in Europe, produces twenty percent…show more content…
For example, in 2003 Congress did not pass a new energy bill, this slows wind power industry advancements (Eco-logical, 2004). With wind energy being environmentally friendly and having no ill effects on the atmosphere, one would think that every politician would be behind the wind farms. But surprisingly they are not. For example, an article in Michigan Farm News tells us of a story about Matthew Bonnett, a dairy farmer in financial troubles. Bonnett had to sell his cows in order to pay his bills, and is struggling to avoid losing his family farm. A wind energy company would like to use his farmland in Cheboygan Michigan for a wind farm. Bonnett would be paid $400.00 dollars per windmill each month and he would still be able to farm cash crops around the windmills. Shamefully, Cheboygan County and Bonnett’s neighbors want to pass an ordinance banding such wind farms (Jackson, 2003). Bay Wind Power, the same company wanting to build a wind farm on Bonnett’s farm has two wind mills just off I-75, close to Mackinaw City and they have not harmed the farmer or his land. Rich VanderVeen owner of the two windmills said, “every potential problem anti-windmill groups have brought up have been shot down with hard, scientific evidence but the county doesn’t seem to have listened” (Jackson, 2003, p2). With the difficulty’s wind power companies are having inland, there is a big push to go offshore, and the great lakes seem to have every component for a successful wind farm. (Lots
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