Wind Energy for Future Generation Essay

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Everyday we sit and work with our laptop, watch TV, play with tablets, use the coffee machine, use the lights, etc. Electrical appliances and devices exist today in very large numbers and will keep on growing at a very fast rate. In order to meet demands for electrical power, fossil fuels have been the main force of producing electricity ever since the industrial age. As effective as fossil fuel is, it will not last forever due to the fast rate of consumption and increasing electricity demand. As supplies of fossil fuel dwindle, it has become clear that renewable energy will become the primary source of global energy. Of all renewable energy sources that are available, wind energy stands at the top. We had use wind to do work for us …show more content…
The picture in that book that I remembered the most is the one with a field of mirror shining directly towards a receiving end of the tower located at the center of the mirror field. That picture was dubbed as solar energy. Because that picture was the most interesting one that I came across, I went back to see what unit the picture was set in. I found out that picture was in the unit named Electrical Energy Sources. From then on I always wanted to see anything that is similar to what I saw from that textbook. All these years I did not spot anything that is remotely similar to that picture, however, when I did spot places where they generates electricity they all had smokestacks.
I then learned that there are two types of energy sources: non-renewable energy, renewable energy. I realized that non-renewable was much more popular than renewable energy as for the only other renewable energy plants that I saw was the Hoover Dam from 2005, and the wind farms in Austria from 2011. I then thought why are renewable energy so rare compared to the non-renewable energy counterpart. That all changed when I entered high school.
In my science class in high school, I learned something called total net energy cost. It means monitoring the how much the positives compare and offset over the negatives. In this case I learned the net energy cost of running different renewable energy and non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy is very effective because it