Wind Power: A Resource for the Future

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Wind Power: A Resource for the Future Coal, natural gas, and oil are three major sources of energy commonly used in the world's industrial nations. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and not difficult to transport. However, disasters associated with these energy sources do occur. In coalmines, there are dangers from explosions, mine collapse, flooding, and the constant threat of dust and gases. The oil spills from Exxon Valdez and, more recently, the British Petroleum rig in the Gulf of Mexico, are examples of environmental disasters whose effects are felt for years. Natural gas explosions occur when a leak is ignited; the news media reports disasters experienced by homeowners, business owners, and municipalities, sometimes with fatal results. Some people believe these are the hidden costs associated with these power sources (Deal 2010). There are also concerns about supply and delivery of these energy sources. In addition to costs, scientists and environmentalists have raised questions about the sustainability of these sources and what harnessing them has done, and will continue to do, to our planet. Because the world's energy needs are rapidly increasing, due to global population growth and industrialization of huge, densely populated nations such as India and China, energy technology is an important issue that no nation can afford to ignore. Wind energy has been gaining attention over the last decade. Wind is a form of solar energy; uneven heating of the
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