Wind Power Essay

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Wind Power

In the society we live in today, many people have the misconception that there is a never-ending supply of energy available for our wasteful use. However, people must realize that the fossil fuels that we have come to depend on for our energy are quickly being depleted. There are several renewable energy resources, most of which come from the sun, that are available for our use. One of these abundant energy resources is the wind. By taking advantage of the wind, and harnessing its power to supply useful energy, people can ensure that they will have energy for as long as the sun continues to heat the earth.

The wind is a direct product of the sun. The earth receives 1.74 x 10^17 Watts of power (per hour) from the
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Notice that the power of wind is proportional to the cubic velocity. This is true because the kinetic energy (0.5 x M x V^2) of a body in motion is proportional to V^2, and since the flow rate (F= A x V ) of a fluid is proportional to the velocity, multiplying these two factors causes the power of wind to be proportional to the cubic velocity. Therefore, the greater the wind speed, the greater the power that can be captured from the wind, depending on the efficiency of the wind turbine.
The process of harnessing the power of the wind is not extremely difficult. What is difficult is increasing the efficiency of this process. When dealing with wind energy, people are concerned with the surface winds, which are those that flow between the ground and about 100 meters in altitude (Wind 1). In general, the process of converting wind energy into electrical energy requires the use of a wind turbine and a generator. Therefore, the more efficient the designs of the wind turbines and the generators are, the more efficient the process of converting wind energy into electrical energy will be.
The design of the wind turbine is probably the most essential part of converting wind energy to electrical energy. When dealing with wind turbines, one must take into account how high it is, how big the rotors are, and exactly how much overall area the rotors will take up. The rotor area determines how much energy a wind turbine is able to harvest from
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