Wind Power Generation : Renewable Energy Source

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Wind Power Generation
In the 21st Century, fossil fuels are becoming increasingly important, with the demand for these resources increasing, despite the knowledge that they are finite. Globally, the annual consumption of fossil fuels is eleven billion tonnes, with crude oil reserves waning at a rate of four billion tonnes per year. If these figures experience little change in coming years, oil reserves are estimated to completely deplete by 2052 (, 2014). Other options are available to replace non-renewable energy sources, one of these options being wind turbines, as they are the obvious option to be used as energy sources as wind is without charge. Wind power requires harnessing energy from the wind, and using it to generate electricity. According to (2014), wind power generation is the fastest growing renewable energy source universally, as evidenced by the growth rate which stands at 25% in over a decade with the total capacity currently exceeding 60 000 MW (Fox, B. (2007) Wind power integration, page 1). Explaining how wind turbines works is really simple, what happens is
• Wind causes the blades of the turbines to rotate
• Blade rotation cause the low speed shaft to rotate
• Low speed shaft is connected to a gear box which turns causing some other gears inside the turbine to rotate
• These gears inside the turbine in turn, turn the generator
• Rotational energy is actually needed to rotate the generator
• The rotational energy is
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