Wind Power and Wildlife Issues in Kansas

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Remember in Wizard of Oz how Dorothy was swept away by a tornado, and how tornados are massive wind storms. Well, it is no wonder they took the setting in Kansas. “Kansas has been ranked third in the nation for its potential wind resources” (Wind Power and Wildlife Issues in Kansas). Wind turbines have been placed all around Kansas, gathering wind to produce energy. Truth is it’s causing problems for animals and farmers. A great deal of biodiversity is being taken place throughout the wildlife. Unhappy farmers complain about their land space and the effects it has on their farms. A person would never know about these issues though, as far as they know, Kansas is helping produce productive energy through the wind. If people are not familiar…show more content…
When companies wanted the turbines to be built, it opens up about 100-150 jobs for people. These include the roads leading to the turbines, turbine foundations, construction of the turbines and then hooking to the electrical collection systems. After this whole process is completed, 8-9 full time employees oversee day-to-day operations and maintenance for the turbines. Kansas is ranked 5th for the number of wind related jobs. Because of the energy the wind turbines create, it saved the capital investment over $5 billion. The farmers make money off these turbines because the companies pay them for placing the towers on their land. Farmers in all are making around $8,000,000 off land lease payments a year. Not only are wind turbines making big bucks and big energy, but they are safe for the environment! Generating wind power creates no emissions and uses virtually no water! About 2 billion gallons of water per year are being saved from the wind farms and turbines in Kansas. The wind power installed in Kansas will avoid over 5.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, which is the equivalent of taking over 990,000 cars off the road. Another positive of the wind turbines effecting the environment is how much it reduces nonrenewable energy. Wind energy does not get rid of natural resources and renews every day as the earth cools and heats. The turbines only

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