Essay about Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source

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Wind Power as an Alternate Energy Source
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The United States' main source of energy is currently fossil fuels. However, we know that fossil fuel supply continues to deplete and sooner or later, the United States will need to resort to a new source of energy. This report hopes to explore the advantages and disadvantages of wind power using model regions. These regions have experience in using wind power, which may help us determine whether or not it is a suitable source of energy when fossil fuels are completely drained. From examining Denmark and other places benefiting from this clean and unlimited source of wind power, we believe that the
United States possesses enough wind, money, and other
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is only 16.1 km/hr
Because of this, companies consider building windmills offshore where there are less obstacles and constant wind. The power of the windmill does not only depend on the speed of the wind, but also the swept area, and the density of the air. Windmills are as equally effective as coal plants, converting 30-40% of the wind?s kinetic energy into electricity (Wind Energy--Energy from Moving Air, 2005). Scientists like German physicist Albert Betz have said that a windmill may convert 59% of the energy from wind (Wikipedia, 2005). According to some designers for windmills, even though windmills do lose some wind energy, they still produce constant energy. Capacity, however, is somewhat lower; sitting at about 30-35% (Wind Energy--Energy from
Moving Air, 2005).

The declining supply of fossil fuels and the increasing pollution resulting from its use threatens our nation with a crisis. While fossil fuels can still supply the world its energy for now, the depletion of fossil fuels will force us to find an alternative source of energy.

Scientists believe this will happen by 2050 (Food, Land, Population, and the US
Economy). The purpose of the lab report is to examine wind power by weighing its pros and cons to determine whether or not this can be a good source of energy when we do run out of fuel.

Since developing an experiment is impossible for our studies, we will be looking at specific places in the United States or other
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