Wind Turbine: A Study to Harness a Energy Source Essay

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Following the recent developments in renewable energy sources, wind turbines have been one of the primary devices focussed on. Basically, wind turbines are devices that convert the kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power for human usage. “Wind farms” are created in very windy places to harness this energy.
It is however impossible to harness the entire power potential from the wind. Only 59% of the total kinetic energy of the wind flowing in the turbine can be harnessed. Efficiency greatly depends on the maintenance of the wind turbine and its components.
A variety of tests can be applied to test the material and structures.
In-Depth analysis and NDT tests done.
The lifecycle of wind turbines, the blades are a very important component. The lifespan of equipment due to spinning and exposure to surrounding cause thermal stresses, corrosion, oxidation and erosion. These aspects reduce the lifespan of the wind turbine. The lifespan can vary in usage, due to many unforeseen incidents occurring in the environment of the blades are. Also some type in production or in repair can deteriorate the constituents and in same time curtail the lifespan of the modules.
Dye penetrant test is the NDT method most often used for inspecting wind turbine blades and vanes. It is recommended to use fluorescent dye penetrants for examination. After some time in overhaul, the blade surface is often corroded. In these circumstances, fluorescent dye…

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