Wind Turbines

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“A wind turbine is a machine for converting the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy”. (1) The inventor of the first electric wind turbine was Clevelander Charles Brush, who ran his entire Euclid Avenue mansion off of one for 20 years, which later made the cover of Scientific American in 1888. (2) Although the use of alternate energy didn't rise a great deal afterwards, this event did open the eyes for many environmentalists. Wind power is only one of our several “energy source[s] whose ‘fuel’ is free and will never be exhausted” (3) with the pros and cons not completely weighed out as to whether it will be truly beneficial or not. The two main issues regarding wind turbines are the environmental effects that they have and …show more content…
The integration process would be slow until there was more emphasis on its use in society. It will be true with wind turbines as well; more transmission lines will be needed to make them more appealing for the general public and businesses.
Another problem with building wind turbines is that you are placed on a waiting list in order to be able to build one and “waiting lists now fall somewhere in the vicinity of a year-and-a-half to two years”. (10) The wait may not be too long considering the benefits that they can provide, but then building one becomes an even more difficult issue because there is “the necessity of one of only six cranes in the country that are capable of hoisting the turbine’s pieces into place”. (11) The construction also takes months and even years, if you are planning a wind farm. After all this work, some people would question whether or not it was worth it. The British Wind Energy Association states that “it is cheaper to save electricity than to generate it, by whatever method”, (12) but since people don’t take actions to reduce their electricity use, another method has to be put into place. “On average, MN residents use 7 blocks of electricity/month. This premium of 1¢/kWh compares to the price of under 10¢/kWh for non-wind power. Each year, every block of wind power purchased will have the same environmental benefit of planting ½ acre of trees or not driving a car 2400

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