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Table of contents Executive summary 2 Problem 2 Purpose 2 Scope 2 Introduction 3 Advantages of wind power 4 Environmental effects 5 Emissions 5 Ecological footprint 5 Conclusion 7 Recommendation 7 Executive summary The report provides an analysis of the nonmarket issues of the wind power market and provides information relating to wind power projects in Canada. The report aims to help communities balance local concerns with wider environmental needs, thereby allowing the benefits of renewable energy to be realized through careful design and consultation. Additionally, it also provides a profile of a major wind power company in Canada. Problem Electricity generation produces more pollution than virtually any other single…show more content…
Turbines of this nature are the ones now being used in power plants around the world. One good example is California. Their wind power plants displace 4.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide each year with the 3 billion kilowatt hours of energy they produce. Although wind power has little impact on the environment there are environmental concerns surrounding this form of energy production. Some of the environmental effects of wind power include emissions and their ecological footprint. Advantages of wind power Wind power offers many nonmarket benefits, including: • The average household generates approximately 1.2 to 1.6 kw/h. Wind turbines can generate from around 600 kw/h, to 4.4 Mw/h. That is equivalent to lighting approximately 10,000 to 100,000 light bulbs at once. • Decreased dependence on fossil fuels, which are often subject to rapid price fluctuations and supply problems. • Greatly reduced negative environmental impacts, avoiding the necessity for future environmental regulation. •Wind power is the second largest source of non-conventional source of energy. • In Canada during the mid-summer due lack of power generation which is one of the main source of energy there is desperate need for energy. This can be met to some extent by wind energy as there are very high winds during this period. • By using photo voltaic, the power generated is dc .So it must be converted to ac to feed it to grid. But by using wind energy we can directly
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