Window System Vs. Mac System

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It does matter if you are a Window person or a Mac person. Both system have advantages and disadvantages. Both most of the government and civilian organization are Window base. That does not take anything away from the Mac system. Mac System has very useful features.
Let talk about the advantages associated to both system. Both system can be found on Desktop, tablet and mobile device version (, 2015). All device can communicate with each other. You can start a project at your house, then work on it on your tablet or IPad and review the projects on your phone. Both system have great features. Microsoft usually offered Window 10 as a free upgrade for all existing Windows 7 and 8 home users. (, 2015) Both operating system are built to help people with disabilities. Windows has accessibility features to meet everyone specific needs. Some of this features are built to help people with Vision, Hearing, Speech, Mobility and learning disabilities. (Microsoft, 2017) Mac system has a feature that allow user to invert color on the screen. Design to help those visually impaired. (Tweedie, 2014)
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You can buy Window base product on any electronic retails store, while Mac System are mostly sale on the Apple Store, with the exception of iPad and iPhones. Another disadvantage is that government agencies use window base system, not Mac system.
In conclusion both operating system are fulfilling user needs. The computer and technology field is constantly changing. Mac and Windows are keeping up with the changes. There is now no one-size fits all computing device anymore, people are using all kinds of
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