Window Treatments Essay

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The window treatment business is a multi million dollar industry that dates back to the 17th century around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Even during economic down times consumers frequently replaced window treatments rather than redoing an entire room. There are over 3500 establishments that sell window coverings. Window treatments can be very important purchase considering all the benefits they have to offer. A homeowner will have to consider what their needs are for window treatments and if ready made or custom made treatments will meet their needs. A homeowner will have the option to purchase either ready made or custom made treatments and each situation will differ but the homeowner will find benefits and one will be…show more content…
Ready made window treatments are mass produced, prefabricated treatments that can be easily found at most major retailers, discount stores, and a large number of catalog and online stores. This makes them easily accessible and convenient allowing them to be brought home and hung the same day for instant gratification. Custom made treatments are a little more involved than driving to a store and taking the window treatments home. The homeowner will have to decide if they are going to hire a professional designer or recruit the help from an associate at a retail store that specialize in custom made treatments. The whole process can take months with more decisions to be made and time to make them. Another thing a homeowner will have to consider is the size and shape of a window. Ready made draperies will be available in a limited number of lengths the most common being eighty four and ninety six inches long which would mean that these would not work well for taller windows where the draperies would not be long enough to touch the floor. Most ready made panels are offered in only one width which is usually only sufficient to close over a thirty six inch wide window or smaller or would be fine if they were meant to be stationary. If a wider width is desired, multiple panels that are not sewn together would have to be purchased. When pursing the custom avenue one would find out that custom window
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