Windows 10 : Positive And Negative Perspective

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Everything in this world has a positive and negative perspective no matter what it is. Upgrades are a great thing for any type of software or technology throughout this essay I will try to convey the pros and cons of windows 10 as well as the positive perspective of this new upgraded software for windows. In just the first few weeks of Windows 10 being available for the public it was downloaded millions of times by countless people. The new windows 10 is not like any of its predecessors such as windows 7 or 8 it is full of new features like never before it truly seems like it was built from the ground up. Just to point out a few examples of what is new in windows ten that it previous software did not have is “fast Internet Explorer replacement called Edge; Microsoft 's Siri-like voice-controlled virtual assistant, Cortana; and the ability to stream real-time games to your desktop from an Xbox One in another room” ( These are all great advancements to this software, which is why so many people are switching to this new software. Another feature that is also very big and popular on this new software is the multiple virtual desktops windows so that way if you just click one button you are able to see multiple windows of what you are doing for example, if you have you internet app open and word app open as well with just a simple click of a button you are able to see both screens of both apps at the same time. I feel like that is a very nifty tool to utilize in

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