Windows And Windows Operating System

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Windows has become a household name. The company logo is familiar to almost everyone across the world. This revolutionary company has played a major role in the current technology explosion. Windows was one of the first affordable operating systems that enabled computers to be more widely available. Many changes and updates have been made to the Windows operating system to keep Microsoft at the top of its market.
The history of Windows dates back to 1975 when Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded a partnership called Microsoft. They had a monumental vision that there would be a computer on every desktop and in every home (Microsoft, Era 0, para 2). Microsoft rewrote a previously purchased operating system to support subdirectories and hard disks naming it MS-DOS (Software Gems, para 3-5). This is short for Microsoft Disk Operating System. MS-DOS was an effective foundation that ran the personal computer. However, it was difficult for users to master. Specific commands required memorization.
To combat the frustration caused by MS-DOS, Microsoft released Windows 1.0 in 1983. Windows 1.0 was introduced as “unique software designed for the serious PC user” (Microsoft, Era 1, para 2) by Bill Gates. Windows 1.0 enabled users to maneuver a mouse to point and click versus typing in difficult to remember commands. This was not, however, the first operating system to use the point and click technology. The low price is what really made Windows 1.0 stand out from the…
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