Windows NT Operating System

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Windows NT is a unique and powerful operating system. It has been an entirely different operating system than Microsoft's initial Windows desktops operating systems. It was simply better and more secure ("Survey of operating Systems" pg125.) Windows NT offers you a high degree of performance and a wealth of capabilities and features. ("Windows NT 101", 1998.) NT supports two file systems: NtFS4 and FAT16. It can use up to 4 Gigabytes of RAM and also uses virtual memory. Windows NT doesn't work well with legacy applications it can work with some applications, they need to be tested to see if it will run (Survey of Operating Systems" pg130.) This operating system was designed to run on multiple instruction set architectures and multiple…show more content…
Vital to this choice is "who is the person." Like most operating systems, Windows NT casts the user identity in a user account, a group of information about what the user or users of that account can and cannot do on the system. Also like most operating systems, users can only increase services under an account if they can exhibit they know its password. The most basic rule of Windows NT security is that it provides no significant services and fulfills no specific request until it associates a properly authenticated account with the password. When you physically log on, you specify an account and its password. This represents your identity on behalf of all the programs you run during your logon session. In Windows NT, there is no way to request local actions under another account. Windows NT compared to other operating systems is now a legacy operating system. Both Windows and Linux come in many varieties. All the varieties of Windows come from Microsoft; the various distributions of Linux come from different companies. Windows has two main lines: "Win9x", which consists of Windows 95, 98, 98SE and Me, and the "NT class" which consists of Windows NT, 2000 and XP. Windows actually started, in the old days, with version 3.x which pre-dated Windows 95 by a few years. )
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