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Windows NT Proposal Migration to Windows NT Proposal Plan

As technology advances so should the products and services provided by companies. In every industry, technology is becoming the key success factor to growth and profit. The ability to communicate with people all around the world has created a new marketplace for business. In order to remain competitive, it is important for companies to utilize the most current technology. At ABC Inc., the use of the latest technological tools allows the company to provide first-rate, quality architectural engineering services to its clients. As part of the company's strategic goal to increase profits and clients, the board of directors established an information technology steering
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These machines included various UNIX servers and workstations and PCs running DOS and Windows 3.1. "The multitude of operating systems and various hardware platforms caused several problems for the IS department, including overlapping administrative and support tasks for different environments, needing to hire specialists for each client/server platform, and having to bolt on software so PCs could access data on the servers. The clients also suffered various problems because of conflicts among different protocol stacks and lack of available memory resulting from terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) programs loaded in conventional memory." [Might be a good one to use as our reason why we decided to migrate - what do you guys think?]

Application(s) to be supported
ABC's design and construction drawings are created with AutoCAD 14 and nearly all structural calculations are produced with the aid of the computer. Employees have access to software best suited to architectural engineering including:

- AutoCAD with SoftDesk Structural Designer
- Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Word and Excel
- Structural Engineering Software (SAP90, ETABS, SAFE, RISA-2D and RISA-3D)
- Project Management Software (Microsoft Project)
- Database Management Software (FileMaker and Paradox)
- Many single purpose Spreadsheets for Structural Analysis and Component Design."

ABC Inc. employs "a full-time Network Administrator, a full-time Software Development/Support Manager and a

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