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3.0 Software implementation 3.1 libfprint open source software library In this fingerprint project, I will use the libfprint open source fingerprint recognition software library to handle image capture, enrollment, verification and identification in the Linux platform server. 3.1.1 Features of libprint libfprint is designed to make it easy for software programmer and developer integrate with different fingerprint reader. libfprint is using C language to write and it is licensed as LGPL-2.1. Besides, it depends on libusb for USB communication and mainly use in Linux. It provides a single API to software developer to access different kind of supported devices and also supports live fingerprint scans from the device. It also include image…show more content…
Verification Verification is a procedure where the user scans a formerly enrolled finger, then the system will perform one-to-one examination and comparison of the enrollment information against the freshly scanned fingerprint. If the system decides that the freshly scanned finger matches the enrollement information, then access will be allowed otherwise the access will be denied. Verification is appropriate for a fingerprint-based logon implementation system where the user enters their username, and later the system prompts for a formerly enrolled finger (instead of a password). Identification Identification is almost same as verification, but is where the freshly scanned fingerprint is compared with a whole database of enrollment information for various fingerprints. Identification uses to figures out which enrolment information entry match the newly scanned fingerprint. Besides this, identification can also reveal that newly scanned fingerprint is missing from the database. Compare with verification, identification permits for more adaptable authentication situations. Identification permits you to implement a logon system where the user scans any of their enrolled fingers for a single user-logon. Identification can likewise be utilized where the system has no knowledge of which operator is utilizing the system. You could think of it being the capacity to replace both the username and the password
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